Gas Line Repair and Installation

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The main water line, which brings water to your home from the city's system, is one of the most important water pipes in your home. Because it is used so frequently, your main water line is susceptible to damage such as rusting and bursting. These problems can cause water discoloration and flooding.

Do not ignore these warning signs:

Water pooling in your yard
Low water pressure throughout your home
A spike in water costs

If you have noticed any of these common side effects, now is the time to contact a licensed plumber at Naillon Plumbing to assess the situation and quickly repair any damage that has occurred.

Don't delay. Contact our 24-hour emergency line at the first sign of a damaged water line in Kuna, Caldwell & Nampa, ID.


If you use a boiler, stove, or clothes dryer, it's very likely that natural gas powers them. Improperly installed gas lines are at a higher risk of causing unsafe conditions in your home and will require immediate repair by a licensed technician from our team at Naillon Plumbing.

If you believe you might have a gas leak, it's very important to move quickly and contact a licensed plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible. A gas leak is a very serious concern, as it puts your home and family in danger of health problems and urgent fire and explosion hazards.

Our team is trained to locate a gas leak quickly and repair it efficiently. After you have called, and while we are en route to your residence, these are the best steps to take for safety:

  • Locate the main gas line
  • Turn off the gas
  • Open all windows and doors
  • Do not touch or operate appliances
  • Avoid open flames
  • Do not smoke or turn on a vehicle

Natural gas can have serious effects on your health. Gas leaks are considered an emergency, and our Columbus gas line plumbers will not waste any time in responding to your call. While the gas itself is not poisonous, it will quickly replace the air in your home, making it very difficult or even impossible to breathe.